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I Am a Heartbeat - Pg. 267

-I Am A HeArtbeAt- August 11, 2009. A lan had plananed his shouts better than he had known. As he had yelled to Becky to find Stephen, he had no idea that Stephen was sit- ting in his cubicle, only twenty feet away from Atiq's office. Stephen had overheard the yelling and the commotion. So had the rest of the interns, as well as about a dozen of the other full-time employees, in- cluding William and Aarti, who had stepped out of their offices to investigate. Andrew was the first to speak to Stephen, "What's going on? Is that really the FBI?" "I have no idea why they're here." Stephen replied quietly. "I have no idea what's going on." He hadn't seen who was yelling for him. He had been staring at his monitor with his back to Atiq's office when the