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Chapter 7. SmartDefense > Web Intelligence

Web Intelligence

Web Intelligence is based on Check Point’s Stateful Inspection, Application Intelligence, and Malicious Code Protector technologies, so it is possible to restrict not only specific attacks, but also complete categories of attacks, while allowing genuine traffic to pass. Web Intelligence offers the following features:

  • Malicious Code Protector This feature blocks attackers from sending malicious code to target Web servers and applications. It can detect malicious executable code within Web communications by identifying not only the existence of executable code in a data stream, but also that code’s potential for malicious behavior. Malicious Code Protector is a kernel-based control delivering almost wire-speed performance.

  • Application Intelligence This is a set of technologies that detect and prevent application-level attacks by integrating a deeper understanding of application behavior into network security defenses.

  • Stateful Inspection This feature analyzes the information flow into and out of a network so that real-time security decisions are based on communication session information as well as on application information. It accomplishes this by tracking the state and context of all communications traversing the firewall gateway, even when the connection involves complex protocols.


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