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List of Tables

List of Tables

Table 2-1: Defined Values for the Frame Relay DLCI40
Table 3-1: ARP Hardware Type Values46
Table 3-2: ARP Operation Values47
Table 4-1: LCP Frame Types64
Table 4-2: LCP Options65
Table 4-3: EAP Types75
Table 4-4: CBCP Options78
Table 4-5: IPCP Options79
Table 4-6: CCP Options80
Table 5-1: IP MTUs for Common Network Interface Layer Technologies91
Table 5-2: Values of the IP Precedence Field95
Table 5-3: Values of the IP Protocol Field101
Table 5-4: Original IP Datagram105
Table 5-5: Fragments of the Original IP Datagram106
Table 5-6: Option Classes113
Table 5-7: Option Classes and Numbers113
Table 6-1: Common ICMP Types127
Table 6-2: Code Values for ICMP Destination Unreachable Messages130
Table 6-3: Plateau Values for PMTU135
Table 6-4: Values of the Code Field in an ICMP Redirect Message140
Table 6-5: ICMP Parameter Problem Code Values146
Table 6-6: Ping Tool Options148
Table 6-7: Tracert Tool Options152
Table 6-8: Pathping Tool Options155
Table 7-1: Recommended Values of the TTL for IP Multicast Traffic159
Table 7-2: Addresses Used in IGMPv1 Messages165
Table 7-3: Values of the IGMPv2 Type Field168
Table 7-4: Addresses Used in IGMPv2 Messages168
Table 8-1: Differences Between IPv4 and IPv6186
Table 9-1: Well-Known UDP Port Numbers195
Table 10-1: Well-Known TCP Port Numbers204
Table 11-1: TCP Connection States240
Table 14-4: DHCP Options for Windows-based DHCP Clients and Servers298
Table 15-1: The Most Common Values of the Question Type Field317
Table 15-2: Return Code Values for Update Response Messages321
Table 16-1: NetBIOS Name Service Operation Codes337
Table 16-2: Converting the Hexadecimal Digit to an ASCII Character338
Table 16-3: Values for the Record Type Field341
Table 16-4: Return Code Values for Name Registration Errors348
Table 17-1: Values for the RADIUS Code Field356
Table 17-2: Common RADIUS Attributes357
Table 17-3: Common Vendor-Specific Attributes363
Table 18-1: Values of the Next Payload Field386
Table 18-2: Values of the Exchange Type Field387
Table 18-3: Notification Error Messages395
Table 18-4: Notification Status Messages395
Table 18-5: Certificate Type Values397
Table 19-1: PPTP Control Messages411
Table 19-2: L2TP Control Messages417
Table A-1: Address Class Ranges of Address Prefixes426
Table A-2: Address Class Ranges of Host IDs427
Table A-3: Dotted Decimal Notation for Default Subnet Masks429
Table A-4: Prefix Length Notation for Default Subnet Masks430
Table A-5: Subnetting of a Class A Address Prefix433
Table A-6: Subnetting of a Class B Address Prefix434
Table A-7: Subnetting of a Class C Address Prefix435
Table A-8: A 3-Bit Subnetting of (Binary)436
Table A-9: Enumeration of IP Addresses for the 3-Bit Subnetting of (Binary)436
Table A-10: A 3-Bit Subnetting of (Decimal)438
Table A-11: Enumeration of IP Addresses for the 3-Bit Subnetting of (Decimal)439
Table A-12: The Eight Subnets for the 3-Bit Subnetting of
Table A-13: A Block of Eight Class C Address Prefixes Starting with
Table A-14: The Aggregated Block of Class C Address Prefixes444
Table A-15: Supernetting and Class C Addresses444
Table A-16: Reserved Local Subnet IP Multicast Addresses453

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