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Sample application for client security - Pg. 510

Sample application for client security This section provides a brief introduction of how to install the Itsohello Web component, the Itsohello Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) resources and the Itsohello application clients used in this book. It has all the security features built in which are discussed in this book. No special configuration for the WebSphere Application Server is required. You can use the default WebSphere installation settings where global security is enabled. Figure A-1 shows the high-level diagram of the Itsohello application. It shows two enterprise beans, which are Hello and SecuredHello, as the core of the Itsohello application, installed in a WebSphere Application Server. These resources are accessible via different remote clients, such as users's browser (by using the HelloServlet servlet), four Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Java application clients, and four thin Java application clients.