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Chapter 3. Bluetooth Usage Models > The Cordless Computer - Pg. 18

18 Chapter 3. Bluetooth Usage Models While much of the focus of Bluetooth wireless communication is on the specification of the tech- nology-which is explored in depth in Part 2 of this book-the specification is actually rooted in a set of usage models (sometimes also called usage scenarios or usage cases). Long before there was a specification, the official Bluetooth web site included descriptions of several of these usage models that the technology makes possible. The specification itself was preceded by a marketing require- ments document(internal to the SIG); included in those marketing requirements were usage sce- narios that were an integral part of the objectives that the initial specification was to address. These scenarios were not intended to cover all possible functions achievable with the technology but rather to set the initial focus for the version 1.0 specification. Bluetooth usage models are formally specified in profiles, which are examined in Part 3. This chapter focuses on describing the usage models in a general fashion, emphasizing an end user's view of the scenarios and the benefits that Bluetooth wireless communication offers in those scenarios. Not all of the usage cases described in this chapter have a corresponding profile, although all of the