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Create wireless sensor networks and intelligent interactive devices with the ZigBee wireless networking protocol. With fast-paced hands-on guide, you'll build a series of useful projects by the time you're halfway through the book, including a complete Arduino- and XBee-powered wireless network that delivers remotely-sensed data. This resource- and reference-packed book is perfect for inventors, hackers, crafters, students, hobbyists, and scientists.

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Average Rating: 4 out of 5 rating Based on 2 Ratings

"Useful and comprehensive, a little frustrating" - by Anonymous on 30-JAN-2011
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I've found this useful and quite comprehensive but I feel that the author could have done with a little more guidance from his editors on how to pitch this at the right level for his international audience; most of us have expectations about how O'Reilly authors lay out their material which I don't feel were met here, I find myself hunting for the key facts and contrasting the book unfavourably with XBee wiki pages on the Arduino website and elsewhere. The illustrations and photos are useful though - I just wish the author hadn't imagined his reader was a fifteen year old new to electronics, which is how I feel I'm being addressed when I read this.  I haven't got to Chapters 7 and 8 yet - still hunting through material in the first six.
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