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6: Mobile Web 2.0, Applications and Owne... > 6.4 Web 2.0 from the User’s Point of...

6.4 Web 2.0 from the User’s Point of View

For the user, the Web today offers many possibilities for creating as well as consuming information, be it text-based or in the form of pictures, videos, audio files and so on. The following section describes some of the applications that have been brought about by Web 2.0 for this purpose.

6.4.1 Blogs

A key phenomenon that has risen with Web 2.0 is blogging. A Blog is a private Web page with the following properties:

  • Dynamic information – Blogs are not used for displaying static information but are continuously updated by their owners with new information in the form of articles, also referred to as Blog entries. Thus, many people compare Blogs with online diaries. In practice, however, most Blogs are not personal diaries accessible to the public, but platforms on which people share their knowledge or passions with other people. Companies have also discovered Blogs as a means of telling their story to a wider audience in a semi-personal fashion. Blogs can also be valuable additions to books, giving the author the possibility to interact with her readers, go into details of specific topics and to share her thoughts. Figure 6.1, for example, shows the Blog that complements this book.


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