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Quick Reference > Chapter 29 Working with Notes - Pg. xxviii

xxviii Quick Reference Chapter 1 Working with Documents Page 6 To insert a symbol into text 1. 2. 3. 4. Click the document where you want the symbol to appear. On the Insert menu, click Symbol. On the Symbol tab of the Symbol dialog box, scroll through the list until you find the symbol you want to insert. Click the symbol, click the Insert button, and then click the Close button. 12 To save a file for use in another program 1. 2. 3. On the File menu, click Save As. In the Save As dialog box, click the down arrow to the right of the Save As Type box, and click the file format to which you want to save the file. Click Save. 13 To show all formatting and hidden text · On the Standard toolbar, click the Show/Hide ¶ button. 19 To view thumbnails of a document 1. 2. In the lower-left corner of the window, click the Start Reading button, or on the View menu, click Reading Layout. On the Reading Mode toolbar, click the Thumbnails button. 19 To view the Document Map · On the Reading Mode toolbar, click the Document Map button. Chapter 2 Editing and Proofreading a Document Page 28 To undo or redo a command · On the Standard toolbar, click the Undo or Redo button. 28 To undo or redo multiple commands