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Lesson 3. Creating and Sending Mail > Creating a New Mail Memo from Quick Notes - Pg. 30

Creating and Sending Mail 30 Forwarding Mail You can forward any mail message (that has not been restricted with the "Prevent copying" feature) to another person, and you even can add your own comments or reply to it. To pass a message on to someone else, click the Forward button in the Action bar. Options for this feature are Forward without Attachments and Internet-Style Forward. These options work similarly to the reply options discussed in the previous section, "Replying to Mail." When you select a Forward option, the New Memo window appears (see Figure 3.9). Figure 3.9. You can add comments to forwarded messages, explaining your purpose for sending this message. Forwarding a mail message inserts one mail message into another so that the original header in- formation stays intact. Complete the To: and Subject: lines and add your comments above the Forwarded by line. Click the Send or Send and File button in the Action bar to send the message. Creating a New Mail Memo from Quick Notes Quick Notes is a new feature of Lotus Notes R6 and it enables you to quickly create a new mail memo, contact, journal entry, or reminder from the Welcome Page (see Figure 3.10). To enable Quick Notes, click the small blue triangle on the right side of your Welcome Page.