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Chapter 17. Creating and Playing Macros > Creating Macros - Pg. 289

Creating and Playing Macros 289 · saveall.wcm--Displays the Save Open Documents dialog box, which is similar to the Close All Documents dialog box. It works the same way: If you want to save a document, place a check mark next to the filename. If necessary, you can change the filename and path before saving the file. · Savetoa.wcm--Saves the current document and then copies the file to a disk in drive A. If you haven't named the document yet, you will get the opportunity to do so. When you name the file, don't worry about switching to drive A or typing a: in the path--all you need to do is name the file--the macro saves it to drive A. · tconvert.wcm--Displays the Convert Template dialog box, where you can type the name of a template that you want to convert for use in WordPerfect 11. If you can't remember the name (or the location) of the template file, click the Files icon to search for it. · uawp11en.wcm--According to the documentation, this macro is used by the PerfectExpert. You must not delete this file from the macros folder, so don't even think about getting rid of it! · wp_org.wcm--Creates a basic organization chart that you can start filling in immediately. You get the same results that you would if you chose Insert, Graphics, Draw Picture to open the Presentations/Draw editing screen and then chose Insert, Organization Chart and selected the first Single option in the Layout dialog box. Note: You will need Presentations on your system to run this macro. · wp_pr.wcm--Opens an outline from a WordPerfect document in Presentations as a slide show. You can run the macro whether you have an outline in the document or not, but Presentations will have a hard time figuring out what to put on the slides with a regular document. The document is saved as pr_outln.wpd. Note: You will need Presentations on your system to run this macro.