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Chapter 6. Requisite Word: Essential Fea... > Page Layout: Margins and Page Option... - Pg. 161

C HAPTER P a g e Layout : Margins and Page Opt ions 161 6 The Reveal Formatting task pane also has a Show All Formatting Marks check box. You can select it to view paragraph marks, spaces, and tabs in the document. Page Layout: Margins and Page Options The standard page layout options are primarily related to the document margins, page orientation, and paper size. There are other page setup options, such as the paper source settings, which are more closely associated with how you print your documents and so we will forgo that discussion until the next session. Layout settings are control issues related to sections and headers and footers, so we will discuss that layout options when we discuss these features in the book. Margins control the amount of whitespace of the page. There are four margins: top, bottom, left, and right. By default each of these margins is set to one inch (1 ). You can change any of the margin settings for your document as needed. You can also change the margins for just a portion of a document. Select tip You can have Word mark format- ting inconsistencies the same way it marks spelling errors and grammar problems. On the File tab, open Options and then click Advanced. Under Editing Options, select the Keep Track of Formatting check box and the Mark Formatting Inconsistencies box. Now Word marks formatting inconsistencies with a wavy blue line.