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Introduction - Pg. 1

Introduction Using Microsoft OneNote 2010 is a beginner's guide to one of the most useful and refreshingly different com- puter programs to be released in recent years. Considered to be somewhat of a best-kept secret since its debut in 2003, OneNote can be compared with a computerized Swiss Army knife because it has proven useful in a wide variety of situations, professions, and environments. OneNote 2010 is the first version to be included in all of the latest Microsoft Office editions. As a result, more and more Microsoft Office users have begun to discover the many benefits of OneNote, and many users have expressed an interest in a more comprehensive introduction than what standard tutorials typically offer. This book attempts to strike a balance between providing that introduction, pointing out the program's useful- ness along the way, and offering many step-by-step "Let Me Try It" instructions throughout, so you can learn OneNote through hands-on experience. Although some features lend themselves well to written explanation, others are more compelling when demon- strated in a video. Therefore, you are encouraged to follow the instructions for unlocking the Free Web Edition of this book, which includes several free "Show Me" video tutorials that you might find worthwhile. How This Book Is Organized This book introduces you to the purpose of Microsoft OneNote 2010, its key feature areas, and the main program features within each of these areas. Although some of the chapters walk you through the various tasks you can accomplish with OneNote regardless of a specific project or work environment, other chapters aim to help you understand larger usage scenarios and the options you have available to work within them. In either case, you will learn enough about individual OneNote features to let you easily apply that knowledge in a variety of real-life situations, no matter where or how you'll choose to use OneNote. Using Microsoft OneNote 2010 provides · Answers about what kind of program Microsoft OneNote 2010 is and what you can do with it. · Specific examples of the various tasks and projects for which you can use OneNote and the various types of environments you can use it in. · Information about the benefits of using OneNote 2010 over other programs. · Guidance from a beginner's point of view; this book assumes only that you have installed the application and are ready to learn. · Explanations of the key concepts for novice users, without resorting to the technical jargon that you might find in other training materials. · Real-world examples that you can relate to more easily. Using This Book This book enables you to customize your own learning experience. The step-by-step instructions in the book give you a solid foundation in using Microsoft OneNote 2010, while rich and varied online content, including video tutorials and audio sidebars, provide the following: 1