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Lesson 9. Building a Report > Updating a Paragraph Style

Updating a Paragraph Style

Every Pages document contains several styles that define the text appearance. These styles are set by default, but you can easily update them for your current document.

In the thumbnails view, select page 5.

Triple-click the section title, The Mars Curse, to select it.

Let’s adjust the text formatting for this style.


Styles are available in the format bar and in the Styles drawer. If the Styles drawer is not visible, you can open it by clicking the Styles Drawer button in the format bar.

In the format bar, click the Bold button so that the text stands out.

Change the section title’s point size to 20 pt.

The text is now bolder and larger, which makes it easier to read. The section title stands out more clearly.

Closely examine the Paragraph Styles list.

Heading 1 (the current style) has a red triangle icon next to it that indicates the style has been overridden. Let’s make your style change global and apply it to this entire document.

Click the red triangle icon and choose Redefine Style from Selection.

The red triangle turns black as the modified style is applied and saved. Throughout the current document, all instances of text using the Heading 1 style are updated.

Choose File > Save to save your progress.


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