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Chapter 11. Sharing Your Data > Removing Access to a Shared Database - Pg. 155

Chapter 11: Sharing Your Data 10. Click Next in the wizard. The offline database is created, and your BCM is connected to the BCM master database. You see a progress bar for the creation of the offline database and then a new progress bar for the finalization of the BCM configuration. To prove that you're now connected to the BCM master database, choose FileData File Management from the Outlook menu bar. You see the current Business Contact Manager database in the list of data files. If you don't see the current database listed, click once to highlight the Business Contact Manager line, and then click Settings. Select the new BCM database in the Settings dialog box. Your e-mail now connects to the BCM Contacts in the BCM master, not your local, personal BCM. If you still want to store you e-mail on your local copy, make changes in these settings by choosing Business Contact Manager Manage E-mail Auto Linking from the Outlook menu bar. 155