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Chapter 6. Formatting Text > Changing Font Color/Text Fill - Pg. 161

Chapter 6: Formatting Text next to each other, you can reduce the space between them without them overlapping because of their shapes. Kerning takes the shapes of the letters into account as it selectively tightens the spacing. Kerning looks best when you apply it to large text, and so the Kerning for Fonts setting enables you to specify a minimum font size, as shown in Figure 6-7, below which text is not kerned. Changing Font Color/Text Fill To set the font color for individually selected text, use the Font Color button on the Home tab, or use the Text Fill button on the Drawing Tools Format tab in the WordArt Styles group. Why are there two buttons that do the same thing? Well, they don't do exactly the same thing. The Font Color button on the Home tab applies only simple, solid-color formatting, and is available even in legacy presentations. The Text Fill button has a wider array of fill options, including gradients, textures, and even picture fills. It is available only in a PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 pre- sentation. Figure 6-8 shows these two buttons and their menus. FIGURE 6-8 The Font Color button (left) and the Text Fill button (right) can both apply solid-color formatting, but only the Text Fill button can apply special fill effects.