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Chapter 10. Exporting PDF Content > Exporting Data to Different Formats - Pg. 256

Part II: Converting Documents to PDF Cross-Reference For more information on PDF Optimizer, see Chapter 17. For more information on Certifying PDF files, see Chapter 24. For more information on enabling PDFs for Adobe Reader users, see Chapter 18. n Exporting Data to Different Formats Below the second separator bar in the Save As submenu, shown in Figure 10.2, you find four commands, each with its own submenu. The menu commands are Image, Microsoft Word, Spreadsheet, and More Options. These commands enable you to export a PDF document to one of these four supported formats Converting to an Image exports You can export a PDF document as any one of the following image file formats, JPEG (*.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe), JPEG2000 (.jpf, *.ipx, *.jp2, *.j2k, *.j2c, .jpc), PNG (.png), and TIFF (*.tif, *.tiff). Each entire page, including text and images, is exported as a single image file. From the Settings dialog box, you choose options for image compression and color management. The options settings for exporting image file formats are the same as the options used when importing images in Acrobat with the Create PDF From File or From Multiple Files commands discussed in Chapter 7.