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Chapter 1. Creating a New Slide Ideology > The Presentation Ecosystem - Pg. 10

The Presentation Ecosystem Jim Endicott, author of The Presenta- tion Survival Skills Guide, refers to the presentation development process as a three-legged stool­­message, visual story, and delivery. As a presenter, you rely on the interdependence of your ideas, graphics, and execution. As an audience mem- ber, how many times have you attended a presentation only to wonder, after it's too late to extricate yourself gracefully, why you're there? The presenter may be very well-prepared and as fired up as a televangelist, but it's impossible to figure out the intent and why it's worth caring about. Most likely, the presenter focused on their "message" leg--dumping everything they know onto individual slides--but forgot to give equal attention to developing the "visual story" and "delivery" legs of the stool. Today's presentation graphics tend to distract audiences. The result might be described as visual vertigo: audiences are jarred by having to resolve graphical disparities and dissonances that arise from poorly rendered perspectives, inconsistent lighting sources, and exasperating anima- tions. Whether or not the content and delivery are good, people exposed to crudely constructed media will walk away from a presentation subtly agitated and thus less receptive to the message. Even worse, visuals devoid of clarity can cause a subliminal lack of trust. The presenter doesn't realize that the audience members care solely about what the presenter can do for them. You also need to better anticipate the audience's needs initially and adjust the delivery accordingly. Presentations are quickly moving from face-to-face to exponentially more powerful mass media. How many times have you developed a presentation with the sole intent of delivering it in-person--only to find out later that a much larger audi-