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Chapter 4. Displaying Data > Highlighting What's Important - Pg. 72

Highlighting What's Important Design rules for showing data on slides differ from the rules of displaying data on paper or through other media. Keep in mind that the purpose of slides is not to show all the data, but to communicate conclusions and insights. Slides can reference your handouts for the dense data. Think of a data chart in three layers. Background The background layer contains elements like tick marks, scales, legends, and grid lines. It provides context, scale, and reference for the data. Backgrounds should employ neutral colors. Data The data plotted on the slide is usually pulled from a data table. Data can be expressed through various chart types. Whatever the type, a chart should provide enough contrast to allow the audience to clearly dis- tinguish information at a distance without straining. Emphasis The emphasis layer exists in the foreground and clearly highlights the key message from the data that is most important to your overall message for the slide. This concept might be a data point that's emphasized or a conclusion from the data. 72 slide:ology