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Chapter 7. Using Visual Elements: Backgr... > Playing Text Animations as the Audie... - Pg. 154

Playing Text Animations as the Audience Enters Many times at large venues it's nice to have an animation playing as the attendees fill the room. Often, these "curtain warmers," "splash animations," and "walk-in animations" feature quotes, trivia, factoids, imagery, video, or what- ever fits the theme and temperament of your event or presentation. If produced well, these animations can be timed to music and incorporate voice-over audio content as well. They are simple to produce and have just as much impact as a fancy video. You can also use these animations the way interstitials are used on TV--as mini bites of content that play when filler programming is needed. So at your presentation, when there's a break in the session or a cut to another screen for a demo, these animations fill screen space when the presenter isn't projecting slides. For a biotech company's sales event, we created a theme graphic that was used throughout the venue and incorporated it into a clean but simple background for a "walk-in" animation.