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Chapter 1. Formulas in Excel > Determine how many pieces to put in a box - Pg. 31

Determine how many pieces to put in a box Let's say a container can hold 10 boxes and each box can hold up to 300 items. The customer requires a total of 500 items. How many items must be packed in each box, given a number of boxes? 4 To determine the number of pieces in each box: 1. Select cell A2 and enter 10. 2. Select cell B2 and enter 50. 3. Select cell D2 and type =B2*A2. 4. In cells A4:A7 enter the number of boxes from 2 to 9. 5. Select cells B4:B7 and type the following formula: =$B$2*($A$2/A4). 6. Press <Ctrl+Enter>. 7. Select cells D4:D7 and type the formula =B4*A4. 1