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Chapter 9. Raising the Curtain on Plays > Printing our play - Pg. 271

Chapter 9 Transition The Transition script element is used to show changes between scenes or acts. Two of the more common ones are BLACKOUT (lights dim or even go out briefly) and CURTAIN (the curtain closes and reopens). As shown in the following screenshot, when using this element, Celtx puts the direction in ALL CAPS and right justifies it (puts it against the right margin): Printing our play Once our play is written, we want to send it out for formatting into a PDF file. We do this in all Celtx scripts by left clicking on the Typeset/PDF button at the bottom of the main script window, as shown in the following screenshot: Our play is sent out on the Internet, formatted, and returned to us in a matter of seconds. Once more, this is very secure and the Celtx formatting servers do not keep a copy of your work. It's just a way of extending the power of Celtx for us.