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Part: IV Open Enterprise Server Web Services

Part IV: Open Enterprise Server Web Services

In This Part

Today it seems as if it's all about the network. The Internet has created an environment in which the network really is the computing platform of the 21st century. And the way you access that computing platform is, increasingly, through the web browser.

Chapter 13, “OES Web Foundations,” introduces the OES NetWare Apache Web Server and Tomcat Servlet engine. OES NetWare now uses the Apache Web Server for NetWare for both its internal management tools and any external web services you might want to create. This chapter also presents an overview of the web services options that are included with OES NetWare to make it one of the most powerful web services platforms available today—all right out of the box!

Chapter 14, “OES Web Services,” introduces the powerful services that make use of the Apache/Tomcat foundation, along with the other foundational technologies of OES, such as eDirectory. Virtual Office provides a web-based “desktop” that can travel with you wherever you go. QuickFinder is a powerful web search engine that will make both internal and external websites more productive by letting people get to the content more quickly. Finally, eGuide leverages eDirectory to provide a powerful “white pages” capability that enables your organization to communicate more effectively.



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