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Chapter 7: Client Security Solution V6 > Configuring the Client Security Soluti... - Pg. 742

7.3 Unattended installation and configuration Unattended installation and configuration of Client Security Solution is described in detail in the ThinkVantage Technologies Deployment Guide available from the Lenovo ThinkVantage Web pages. See the following URL: 7.4 Configuring the Client Security Solution This section details a Client Security Solution advanced configuration scenario and further configuration of the Security Advisor. 7.4.1 Configuring the Client Security Solution for the first time Client Security Solution must be configured before it is activated on the system. During the initial configuration, you will be asked to select a standard or advanced configuration. See Figure 7-2 on page 743. The advanced option is recommended for more technical users. The standard option is recommended for most users. The installation is very similar for both options, however there are a couple of extra features in the advanced install.