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Section D.14. The fsdb command - Pg. 354

D.14 The fsdb command The following summarizes the options for the fsdb command. fsdb - Debugs file systems. Usage: fsdb FileSystem [-] - Disables the error checking routines used to verify i-nodes and block addresses. The O subcommand switches these routines on and off. When these routines are running, the fsdb command reads critical file system data from the superblock. The obtained information allows the fsdb command to access the various file system objects successfully and to perform various error checks. The fsdb command enables you to examine, alter, and debug a file system specified by the FileSystem parameter. The command provides access to file system objects, such as blocks, i-nodes, or directories. You can use the fsdb command to examine and patch damaged file systems. Key components of a file system can be referenced symbolically. This feature simplifies the procedures for correcting control-block entries and for descending the file system tree. To examine a file system, specify it by a block device name, a raw device name, or a mounted file system name. In the last case, the fsdb command