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Appendix D: AIX 5L V5.3 NFS quick refere... > nfs4cl command options and examples - Pg. 347

nfs4cl command options and examples The nfs4cl command is used to display all the file system ID (fsid) information about the client or modify file system options of an fsid. Note: The nfs4cl command updates affect newly accessed files in the file system. An unmount and remount is required to affect all previously accessed files. The syntax of the nfs4cl command is as follows: /usr/sbin/nfs4cl [subcommand] [path] [argument] The following list describes the subcommands and arguments of the nfs4cl command: resetfsoptions subcommand This subcommand resets all the options for the FSID back to the default options. Note that the cio and dio options can be reset with the resetfsoptions subcommand, but the cio and dio behavior is not turned off until the NFS file system is unmounted and then remounted. setfsoptions subcommand