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Chapter 2. CICS implementation of Web se... > Support for Web services in CICS - Pg. 33

It has the concept of a PIPELINE resource. A CICS pipeline is shared by many different Web services, and is used to configure shared qualities of service. It is usually the CICS system programmer who is responsible for configuring PIPELINE resources. This is done using a pipeline configuration file. WSBind files are installed into a PIPELINE resource in CICS. For each WSBind file that is installed CICS creates a WEBSERVICE resource. It has the concept of handler programs that can be added to a pipeline by the system programmer. Handler programs enable sophisticated additional processing to be performed as part of the process of sending and receiving SOAP messages in CICS. Several handler programs are supplied with CICS and can be used to add support for additional services such as WS-Security (for identity propagation) and WS-AT (for distributed two-phase commit). It has the concept of a URIMAP resource. A URIMAP associates a particular WEBSERVICE and PIPELINE combination with a specific URI. The system programmer is usually responsible for the URIMAPs, though the application developer might be responsible for selecting the URI for a Web service. If a SOAP message is received by a CICS region then CICS begins processing it using the associated URI. CICS looks for a URIMAP resource that has been installed for that URI. If a match is found, the URIMAP indicates which PIPELINE to use for the subsequent processing. It also indicates which WEBSERVICE resource CICS should use to transform the XML into application data. It provides an application programming interface (API) to allow CICS applications to interact with the Web services support in CICS. The main commands for doing this are: ­ SOAPFAULT ADD | CREATE | DELETE This is used by provider mode applications that want to return application-specific diagnostics as a SOAP Fault message ­ INVOKE WEBSERVICE This is used by requester mode applications that want to invoke a remote Web service. It conforms to open standards including: ­ SOAP 1.1 and 1.2 ­ HTTP 1.1 ­ WSDL 1.1 Chapter 2. CICS implementation of Web services 33