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Tools and Practices > Reference Materials

Lesson 1. Reference Materials

Reference FileseMac (Original) service manual (emac.pdf)

iBook G4 (12-inch Late 2004) service manual (ibg4_12_late04.pdf)

iMac G5 (20-inch) service manual (imacg5_20in.pdf)

Mac mini service manual (mac_mini.pdf)

PowerBook G4 (15-inch 1.67/1.5GHz) service manual (pbg4_15_167ghz.pdf)

Power Mac G5 (Late 2004) service manual (powermac_g5_late2004.pdf)

Chapter Test 1 (Chapter_Test_01.pdf)
TimeThis lesson takes approximately 2 hours to complete.
GoalsDescribe what information is available in the Apple Knowledge Base and AppleCare Service Source

Use a web browser to access the Knowledge Base

Use the Knowledge Base to locate troubleshooting and compatibility information

Explain the suitability of Apple Discussions for service providers

Identify which reference will most likely provide the best information for a given service issue

Navigate through Service Source to locate specific areas, such as the diagnostic software area, and service manuals

Motivated people—ready and eager to get into the details of hardware repair and maintenance—might be tempted to skip a lesson called “Reference Materials.” Don't succumb to that temptation! Even the most self-reliant, self-starting individual needs the right tools for the job. And just as you wouldn't have started fifth grade without new pencils and notebooks, you shouldn't pick up your screwdriver or don your electrostatic discharge (ESD) wrist strap without being armed with the proper information—information that will save you time and annoyance as you troubleshoot and service Apple products.


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