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352 THE DISASTER RECOVERY HANDBOOK Exceptions may exist, but most customers just want their goods delivered on time. Delivery credibility can be a positive (or negative) selling point for your company. Many materials managers maintain supplier scorecards to weed out unreliable providers. With your plan in place (and tested), invite your customers to comment on how to keep them supplied in a crisis. It is in their interests as well as yours that you have a good plan. Invite them to observe a test and even allow them to select one of the disaster scenarios from a list you have prepared. They will see chaos, they will see people scrambling around, but more importantly, they will see how quickly order is restored to the situation and action begins. This is a good time to further cement your relationship with them and ask them about their own recovery plans. This street runs both ways. Just as they want to ensure you are always ready as a supplier, you want to ensure they are always in business as a customer. This dialogue will be useful in developing or modifying your Supplier Notification Plan. RISK ASSESSMENT Looking at the other side of the issue, what are you to do if your major customer suffers a disaster? You need their future business. A quick risk assessment of the