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vPars: The breakthrough solution for maximizing HP 9000 utilization, flexibility, and manageability.

  • The authoritative guide to breakthrough Virtual Partitions (vPars) technology for HP-UX

  • Transform virtually any HP 9000 into multiple "virtual" computers

  • Includes practical examples and step-by-step procedures

  • Covers vPars commands and configuration in detail with many examples

Using Virtual Partitions (vPars), you can transform virtually any HP 9000 system into multiple "virtual computers," each running its own instance of HP-UX and associated applications-dramatically improving efficiency, flexibility, availability, and manageability in any enterprise environment. Now, one of the world's leading HP-UX experts and best-selling author Marty Poniatowski presents a comprehensive guide to vPars that covers everything you need to succeed with this breakthrough technology. Using practical examples, this book covers every essential vPars command and administration technique:

  • Analyze your system to determine components to be used in vPars

  • Load HP-UX and vPars software

  • Create vPars with vparcreate

  • Boot vPars with vparboot and vparload

  • Modify vpars with vparmodify

  • View vPars details with vparstatus

  • Remove vPars with vparremove

  • Customize vPars environments with Ignite-UX, backup, users, boot options, and more

  • Tear-out card summarizing all vPars commands

Whether you want to consolidate servers, improve utilization, respond to rapid load changes, protect against software failures, or run production and test systems on the same server, vPars makes it possible - and Marty Poniatowski's step-by-step instructions make it easy.

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