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Appendix A: Supporting Documentation - Pg. 373

Appendix A. Supporting Documentation In this appendix, we show you how to download the programming samples discussed in this redbook. We also provide information about other documentation and support available. A.1 Downloading the Samples The client programs and the AS/400 programs and files used in this redbook are available to be downloaded through the Internet. These examples were developed using the AS/400 OLE DB support. They will work with OS/400 V3R2 or later. The following components are available: · Client code for the sample programs · An AS/400 library containing AS/400 programs and database files (V3R2 SAVF) · Instructions for restoring the AS/400 library and the client code Note These example programs have not been subjected to any formal testing. They are provided "AS-IS"; they should be used for reference only. Please refer to the Special Notices section at the back of this document for more information. To use these files, you must download them to your personal computer from the Internet Web site. A file named README.TXT is included. It contains instructions for restoring the AS/400 libraries, the client example code, and run-time notes. The URL to access is: Click on Supporting Materials and then select directory SG245183. In the SG245183 directory, select the files that you want to download. A.2 Other Documentation and Resources Other documentation is also available to help you develop applications using the AS/400 OLE DB support. The SDK Technical Reference manual is available as part of the IBM SDK for ActiveX and OLE DB. The SDK also includes the Microsoft ADO online help. The IBM SDK for ActiveX and OLE DB is available as an open beta. For more information, please see: © Copyright IBM Corp. 1998 373