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Chapter 7. Licensed Program and PRPQ Bac... > User Profile Authority with Licensed... - Pg. 89

7.4.2 User Profile Authority with Licensed Programs The user class parameter value on the user profile needs *USER authority or higher for a user to work with the LICPGM menu. This is true even if the user profile has *ALLOBJ authority. A user with a user class of *PGMR but no special authorities can work with licensed program options. If the user profile does not have higher than *USER authority, a blank screen (a screen with no options) appears on the LICPGM menu. Recommendation Ensure the user profile using the LICPGM menu has *USER (user class) authority. In other words, the user class parameter overrides any special authorities depicted on the user profile. 7.4.3 Multi-National Considerations with Directory Names The SAVE and RESTORE menu options 22 and 23 run SAV and RST commands which process path names with lower case characters. For multinational systems or systems running with CCSID 290 or 5026, it is important to note that at the time of this writing, path names with lower case letters will cause options 22 and 23 to fail with an object not found message. This means that the SAV is not processed correctly when the job CCSID is 290 or 5026, for directories named as: OBJ(( / QIBM/ProdData ) (/QOpenSys/QIBM/ProdData)) These CCSIDs are most commonly used in Japan. As a circumvention until this problem is resolved in a future release, the 5035 CCSID can be used to map lower case English characters to Japanese characters. To change the CCSID of the job to 5035 before running options 22 or 23 from the SAVE or RESTORE menus, use the following command: CHGJOB CCSID(5035) This command also works when entering the SAV or RST command on the command line if directory names contain lower case letters. 7.5 Licensed Program Library Names for IBM Supplied Libraries The following table identifies the library names included with the licensed programs compatible with V4R2. This table is useful to understand what libraries and folders should not be deleted or which should be backed up. Chapter 7. Licensed Program and PRPQ Backup and Recovery 89