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Appendix D: OptiConnect for OS/400 Terminology and Hardware Overview - Pg. 387

Appendix D. OptiConnect for OS/400 Terminology and Hardware Overview When describing an OptiConnect solution, the terminology used can seem unfamiliar to even a seasoned AS/400 administrator. This appendix introduces you to OptiConnect terminology and its hardware components. As in Chapter 18, "OptiConnect for OS/400" on page 351, this section also refers only to RISC models. D.1 OptiConnect for OS/400 Terminology To understand OptiConnect for OS/400, you must first understand the basic terminology. This section explains such fundamental terms as cluster, satellite, hub, link, path, and redundancy. D.1.1 An OptiConnect Cluster An OptiConnect cluster is a collection of AS/400 systems connected by dedicated fiber optic system bus cables. The AS/400 Model 500, 510, and 50S have one internal system bus and up to six external optical system buses. The AS/400 Models 530 and 53S have one internal system bus and up to 18 external optical system buses. Each external optical bus is available for use by OptiConnect. Note: AS/400 Model 400 systems do not have external system buses, and, therefore, cannot be part of an OptiConnect cluster.