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Chapter 9. Tools for Automating System Management Functions - Pg. 109

Chapter 9. Tools for Automating System Management Functions In this chapter, we describe the main functions and features of various tools which help the system administrator in their multifaceted job of managing change, problems, operations, and data. There are tools and procedures to make it easier to recover from a disaster, automate message handling, and ensure that jobs run according to plan. The following tools are described in this chapter: · · · · · · · · · · · ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager/400 (ADSM/400) Backup Recovery and Media Services for AS/400 (BRMS) WRKASP Utility Print System Information Tool OS/400 Job Scheduler (part of the operating system) IBM Job Scheduler for OS/400 IBM SystemView System Manager for AS/400 IBM SystemView Managed System Services for AS/400 Automating Message Management OS/400 Alert Support Automating Security Management 9.1 ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager/400 (ADSM/400) Backing up a workstation can be a tedious process requiring constant attention. ADSM helps those administrators responsible for backing up a large number of workstations. Figure 29. ADSM/400 © Copyright IBM Corp. 1998 109