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This IBM Redbook examines performance measurement and tuning for running Linux as a z/VM guest on IBM eServer zSeries and S/390 machines. This publication is intended for system administrators and I/T architects responsible for deploying Linux servers running under z/VM. We examine performance concepts and identify tuning parameters that influence system performance. Using examples, we investigate performance and tuning topics for the memory, processor, DASD, and networking subsystems. Performance is analyzed at both the z/VM and Linux level. We provide tuning recommendations and guidance intended to maximize investment in Linux for zSeries.

The system used in this writing the redbook is an IBM eServer zSeries 900 running z/VM Version 4.3 in an LPAR. The Linux distributions used in this redbook include Red Hat Version 7.2 for zSeries (based on a Linux 2.4.9 kernel) and SuSE SLES7 (based on a Linux 2.4.7 kernel).

The intent of this redbook is to provide guidance on measuring and optimizing performance using an existing zSeries configuration. The examples are intended to demonstrate how to make effective use of your zSeries investment. The workloads used are chosen to exercise a specific subsystem; any measurements provided should not be construed as a benchmark.

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