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Part 4: Appendixes > Abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations and acronyms

AIXAdvanced Interactive Executive
ALPARaffinity logical partition
APARauthorized program analysis report
APIapplication programming interface
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
ATSAdvanced Technical Support
BOSbasic operating system
CDcompact disc
CD-Rcompact disc - recordable
CD-ROMcompact disc - read only media
CD/DVDcompact disc/digital versatile disc
CDTcentral daylight time
CECcentral electronics complex
CHRPCommon Hardware Reference Platform
CIMCommon Interface Model
CIMOMCommon Interface Model Object Manager
CPUcentral processing unit
CSTcentral standard time
DLPARdynamic logical partitioning
DMADirect Memory Access
DMTFDesktop Management Task Force
DNSDomain Name System
DRData Register
DRdynamic reconfiguration
DRAFDynamic Reconfiguration Application Framework
DVDdigital versatile disc
DVD-RAMdigital versatile disc - random access memory
DVD-ROMdigital versatile disc - read only memory
ECEngineering Change
EEHEnhanced Error Handling
FCFeature Code
FQDNfully qualified domain name
FRUfield replaceable unit
FTSSField Technical Support Specialist
GIDgroup ID
GPFSGeneral Parallel File System
GUIgraphical user interface
HACMPhigh-availability cluster multiprocessing
HMCHardware Management Console
HPCHigh Performance Computing
HTMLHypertext Markup Language
IBMInternational Business Machines Corporation
IPLAIBM International Program License Agreement
IDEinternal data equipment
IPInternet Protocol
IPLinitial program load
IRInstruction Register
ISAIndustry Standard Architecture
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
ITSOInternational Technical Support Organization
JFSJournaled File System
KDBkernel debugger
LANlocal area network
LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol
LEDlight emitting diode
LMBlogical memory block
LPARlogical partitioning
LUNlogical unit
LVlogical volume
LVDLow Voltage Differential
LVMLogical Volume Manager
M/Tmachine type
MCMmultichip module
MSRMachine Status Register
NFSNetwork File System
NIMNetwork Installation Manager
NISNetwork Information Services
NVRAMnonvolatile random access memory
ODMObject Data Manager
OEMoriginal equipment manufacturer
OSoperating system
PAPPassword Authentication Protocol
PCpersonal computer
PCIperipheral component interconnect
PFTPage Frame Table
PHBPCI host bridge
PIDprocess ID
PMBphysical memory block
POWERperformance optimization with enhanced RISC
PPIDparent process ID
PSSPParallel System Support Program
QBBQuad Building Block
RAMrandom access memory
RANremote asynchronous node
RASreliability, availability, and serviceability
RDBMSrelational database management system
RIPRouting Information Protocol
RISCreduced instruction-set computer
RMCResource Monitoring and Control
RMLReal Mode Limit
RMOreal mode offset
ROMread only memory
RPMRed Hat Package Manager
RSCTReliable and Scalable Cluster Technology
RSPCRISC System Personal Computer
RTASRun-Time Abstraction Service
S/Nserial number
SCSIsmall computer system interface
SMITSystem Management Interface Tool
SMPsymmetric multiprocessing
SMSSystem Management Services
SPscalable parallel
SPOTshared product object tree
SSAserial storage architecture
SSHSecure Shell
SSLSecure Sockets Layer
TCBtrusted computing base
TCEtranslation control entry
TCPTransmission Control Protocol
TLBTranslation Look-aside Buffer
UDBUniversal Database
UDFUniversal Disk Format
UIDuser ID
URLUniversal Resource Locator
USBUniversal Serial Bus
VMMVirtual Memory Manager
VPDVital Product Data
VSDVirtual Shared Disk
WLMWorkload Manager


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