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Chapter 13. Migration towers

Chapter 13. Migration towers

A migration tower is essentially a 7xx installed system unit converted into a tower. The System Processor Cage assembly and backplane assembly are removed from the installed legacy system and replaced by a new backplane assembly. The new backplane has high-speed link (HSL) connection ports that allow connection to the new 8xx family of processors.

A migration tower is the link between the old System Product Division (SPD) and older Peripheral Component Interface (PCI) technology and the newer PCI technology used on the 8xx servers. For the 8xx family of iSeries servers supported by V5R1 and V4R5, the way to upgrade from installed 7xx systems is to use a migration tower.

A migration tower differs from other towers in the way it is physically linked together. A migration tower uses the new HSL technology, as explained in Appendix B, “Bus and system interconnectivity” on page 405.

This chapter explains the purpose of migration towers and how they are implemented. It differentiates between Migration Tower I and Migration Tower II and describes the associated configuration rules.


Effective 28 September 2001, model upgrades from 6xx/Sxx to 7xx/8xx were no longer marketed. The #5033 Migration Tower I was not available after 28 September 2001.


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