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Chapter 1. IBM i 7.1 introduction and su... > Clarification of operating system te... - Pg. 2

1.1 Clarification of operating system terminology When referring to operating systems releases, it is important to understand the naming transition from OS/400® to i5/OS to IBM i. When IBM introduced POWER5TM, OS/400 was renamed i5/OS, When the POWER6® platform became available in January 2008, IBM announced a major new release named i5/OS V6R1. Later that same year the name was changed to IBM i to disassociate any presumed dependency on the POWER5 hardware platform. The notations 5.4 and 6.1 were introduced to indicate operating systems release levels V5R4 and V6R1. User documentation, web page links, and programmed interfaces use IBM i terminology and others still use the i5/OS nomenclature. In this publication we use IBM i terminology but occasionally also use i5/OS, typically where it is part of a product name or appears in a window. 1.2 What is new in IBM i 7.1 IBM i 7.1 delivers database, virtualization, storage management, web application serving, and business resiliency enhancements that allow clients to reduce cost, improve service, and manage risk of their IT infrastructure. 1.2.1 IBM i 7.1 on POWER based servers IBM i 7.1 is supported on the following platforms: Power Systems servers and blades with POWER7TM processors Power Systems servers and blades with POWER6/6+ processors