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Chapter 6: AIX 5L: Approaches to high av... > Creating HA logical partition profil... - Pg. 218

6.3 Creating HA logical partition profiles This section will discuss creating an AIX 5L logical partition for the LPAR to be able to remain operational when: There is a loss of a physical SCSI disk drive containing a copy of the rootvg. There is a loss of an embedded SCSI I/O controller. There is a loss of a physical Ethernet adapter. 6.3.1 Determining the LPAR requirements A critical task in the design and implementation of an LPAR is the planning. When planning for an LPAR in an HA environment, any critical hardware component should be duplicated to enable the LPAR to remain operational in the unlikely occurrence of the loss of a single critical hardware component. In this scenario, we create an LPAR on an IBM eServer p5 model 570 and, where possible, allow for the loss of a single critical hardware component. Note: When additional hardware components are assigned to an HA LPAR, ensure that components critical to the LPAR's operation are duplicated to