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Chapter 12: Applied Decomposition patter... > Design guidelines - Pg. 205

12.2 Design guidelines In this scenario, the same customer as in the Spot Loan scenario will have access the bank online and request a loan approval. When the request reaches the process, a risk assessment is done based on the customer's income. Two business situations can happen: If the customer has a low risk rating, the loan is approved automatically. If the customer has a medium or high risk rating, a chance is given for the loan manager to make a decision. Some requests can be approved automatically. However, in some cases, human interaction in the form of a loan manager might be required. 12.2.1 Staff Assisted Loan scenario: pre-approval for loans For this scenario, we identify the following actors: The customer (the same as in the Spot Loan scenario) The risk assessment service The loan manager We can also identify an additional use case , the Staff Assisted Loan.