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11.1.5 Business pattern selected The Self-Service business pattern captures the essence of direct interactions between interested parties and a business. Interested parties include customers, business partners, stakeholders, employees, and all other individuals with whom the business intends to interact. For this reason, the Self-Service pattern is an appropriate business pattern for the ITSO Bank to use in developing solutions that allow their customers to do online banking. 11.2 Design guidelines The ITSO Bank wants to implement an online bill payment process that allows customers to pay bills by transferring money from an existing account. In most cases, sufficient funds will exist in the customer's account to pay the bill. However, in the event that the funds are not there, the bank wants the ability to advance an instant loan to qualified customers. 11.2.1 Spot Loan scenario: online funds transfer with Spot Loan For this scenario, we can identify two actors : The customer