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Chapter 6: USS sysplex sharing > Additional notes and comments - Pg. 263

You can customize the JCL and run it in superuser mode. REXX BPXISYS1 is called to create the necessary directories and symbolic links in the root structure. 6.6.3 Creating the USS system-specific file system To create the system-specific file systems, run the sample job BPXISYSS in SYS1.SAMPLIB separately on each system that will participate in USS sysplex sharing. //BPXISYSS ... //IKJEFT1A //* //HFSSYSTS // // // // //* //* //SYSEXEC // //SYSTSPRT //SYSTSIN //* JOB <JOB CARD PARAMETERS> EXEC PGM=IKJEFT1A,PARM='BPXISYS2' DD DSNAME=OMVS.sysname.HFS, DISP=(,CATLG), DSNTYPE=HFS, SPACE=(CYL,(2,0,1)), STORCLAS=storclas UNIT=uuuu,VOL=SER=vvvvvv DD DSN=SYS1.SAMPLIB,DISP=SHR, UNIT=SYSALLDA,VOL=SER=tvol2 DD SYSOUT=* DD DUMMY Figure 6-31 Sample job BPXISYSS Again, you can customize the JCL and run it in superuser mode. The job runs REXX BPXISYS2 to create directories and symbolic links. 6.7 Additional notes and comments In order to avoid unpredictable results or confusing system behavior we recommend that you use consistent automount policies on all systems participating in the USS sysplex sharing environment. Note that the implementation of USS sysplex sharing does not use CFs, but only CDS and XCF. In general we recommend to use the same filesystype statements in all systems. Otherwise you may not have the necessary consistent file system structure view on all systems. In particular, there will be a hole (missing structures) in a system if the filesystype of one of the file systems mounted in the sysplex is not active in that system. 6.7.1 Using TFS filesystype in a colony address space However, we know one situation where it may be useful not to follow this rule. APAR OW43826 describes a problem in the UNIX logical file system code for file system types living in a colony address space. A colony address space is just an address space outside of OMVS. This has the advantage that this file system type can be stopped without impact to OMVS. If the filesystype is deactivated in one system in a USS sysplex sharing environment, this causes all file systems of that type to be unmounted in that system, of course. The big trouble Chapter 6. USS sysplex sharing 263