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Java support on z/OS > What is Java? - Pg. 323

To determine which jobs have been submitted to each printer, specify: lpstat -t This command shows all the printers defined to the Print Interface and all the jobs queued to the Print Interface printers, as shown in Figure 8-5 on page 323. Printer: poke Job Owner ----- -------- 285 ROGERS 286 ROGERS 287 TCPIPOE 288 pc-user 289 ROGERS 290 ROGERS2 291 ROGERS2 296 ROGERS 297 ROGERS2 298 ROGERS2 311 ALCIDES Status --------- pending pending pending pending pending pending pending pending pending pending pending Format Size ------ -------- text 3149 text 3109 text 2960 text 2997 text 3108 pcl 20902 pcl 19019 text 3109 pcl 41436 pcl 41436 text 2960 File ------------------------------ ROGERS.TEST.JCL ROGERS.TEST.JCL //test.jcl test.jcl TEST.JCL ... About the IBM AFP Printer" Printing "Options Dialog" ROGERS.TEST.JCL readme95 - Notepad readme95 - Notepad //test.jcl Printer: pokeps Job Owner Status ----- -------- --------- 292 ROGERS2 pending 293 ROGERS2 pending 294 ROGERS2 pending 295 ROGERS2 pending 299 ROGERS2 pending 301 ROGERS2 pending 302 ROGERS2 pending 304 ROGERS2 pending Format Size ------ -------- modca 19422 pcl 41436 pcl 41436 pcl 41436 modca 3650 modca 19506 modca 19506 modca 19422 File ------------------------------ scop.AOI readme95 - Notepad readme95 - Notepad readme95 - Notepad word.AOI word.AOI word.AOI word.AOI Figure 8-5 Sample output from the lpstat -t command 8.5 Java support on z/OS Java support for z/OS has been available for a considerable period of time. In this chapter we discuss the latest available Java level and tell you about some considerations you may face. 8.5.1 What is Java? Java is a language whose specifications are maintained by SUN Microsystems. The most important task of SUN Microsystems is to guard the Java philosophy: Develop once, run everywhere Java is packaged as a set of tools, better known as the Software Development Kit, or SDK. The SDK consists of a number of things: First of all there is the runtime environment, known as the Java Virtual Machine (JVMTM). This is the layer between the Java runtime code and the z/OS runtime environment. Basically, the JVM is the computing engine that executes Java applications on the zSeries Chapter 8. Exploitation 323