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halt pressed and compressed sizes (the latter being always -1 for files compressed by programs other than gzip), compression ratio, and uncompressed name. With -v, also print com- pression method, the 32-bit CRC of the uncompressed data, and the timestamp. With - N, look inside the file for the uncompressed name and timestamp. -L, --license Display the gzip license and quit. -n, --no-name When compressing, do not save the original filename and timestamp by default. When decompressing, do not restore the original filename if present, and do not restore the original timestamp if present. This option is the default when decompressing. -N, --name Default. Save original name and timestamp. When decompressing, restore original name and timestamp. -q, --quiet Print no warnings. -r, --recursive When given a directory as an argument, recursively compress or decompress files within it. -S suffix, --suffix suffix Append .suffix. Default is gz. A null suffix while decompressing causes gunzip to attempt to decompress all specified files, regardless of suffix.