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6. Electronic Mail Clients > 6.1. Using KMail

Using KMail

KMail is a very user-friendly, feature-rich mailer that comes with KDE and integrates mail smoothly with other utilities. For example, if an email message you receive contains a link to a web page, you can click this link in the message, and the KDE web browser Konqueror will pop up and display the web page. Or, if the email contains an MP3 file as an attachment, you can click it to play the file with one of KDE’s MP3 players. Figure 6-1 shows a screenshot of KMail at work.

KMail mailer

Figure 6-1. KMail mailer

KMail has a lot of features and settings, but we’ll just cover some that get you started quickly and leave it to you to explore KMail further. As you can see in Figure 6-1, the KMail window is divided by default into three parts. On the left, you see a tree of your folders (at first startup, you will have only the default folders, of course). The upper part of the right side shows a listing of messages in the currently selected folder, and the lower part of the right side shows the currently selected message. You can change how the space is distributed between these parts by dragging the separator lines between them. The latest KMail versions even have a fourth part that lets you drill further into the structure of an individual message by displaying the MIME parts the message is composed of. However, this display is turned off ....


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