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638 CHAPTER 34 Performance Tuning TIP Some people, when questioned about optimizing Apache, will recommend you tweak the HARD_SERVER_LIMIT in the Apache source code and recompile. While we agree that compiling your own Apache source code is a great way to get a measurable speed boost if you know what you are doing, you should need to change this directive only if you are hosting a huge site. The default value, 256, is enough to handle the Slashdot effect, and if you can handle that then you can handle most things. MySQL Tuning your MySQL server for increased performance is exceptionally easy to do, largely because you can see huge speed increases simply by getting your queries right. However, you can tune various things in the server itself to help it cope with higher loads as long as your system has enough RAM. The key is understanding its buffers--there are buffers and caches for all sorts of things, and finding out how full they are is crucial to maximizing performance. MySQL performs