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Chapter 12. Rescue and Recovery > Ubuntu Recovery Mode

Ubuntu Recovery Mode

The Ubuntu recovery mode is a boot option that is included with your default server install. As you boot your system, GRUB will prompt you to press Esc to see the full GRUB menu. After you press Esc, you will see that each kernel on your server has a recovery mode option beneath it. When you select the recovery mode, Ubuntu will start the normal boot process, but instead of launching all of the services on your system, once it completes you will be greeted with a recovery menu as shown in Figure 12-1. This menu provides you with four options:

  • resume

    Choose this option to continue the boot process back to your regular system. You would pick this option if you accidentally chose the rescue mode or if you had successfully completed any fixes in the rescue mode and were ready to go back to the normal system.

  • dpkg

    This option will perform an apt-get update and upgrade and will attempt to repair any problems you might have with half-installed packages. You might choose this option if a package did not fully install or upgrade correctly and its init script is stalling out so the system can’t boot fully. This choice could potentially fix the package problems.

  • root

    This mode is the most useful of the options in this menu as it just drops you to a root shell on your booted server. I will spend the rest of this section focused on what you can recover with this option.

  • xfix

    This choice will attempt to fix the X server, which can be useful on a desktop, but since we are talking about Ubuntu Server here, chances are you won’t have an X server running.


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