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Chapter 6. Configuring the Mediation Server > Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can the Mediation Server be virtualized?
A:No. Microsoft does not currently support virtualization with OCS. If you do decide to virtualize the Mediation Server, you will see a drop in voice quality.
Q:Is there a way to report on voice quality?
A:Yes. Microsoft offers a Quality of Experience (QOE) capability that enables you to report on calls being made and on voice quality. This is a great way to spot issues with devices so that you can resolve problems.
Q:How do I know I am configuring the Mediation Server following Microsoft’s best practices?
A:You can run the Microsoft Best Practice Analyzer. It will report on all aspects of your OCS configuration and help you to resolve any issues it may find.
Q:What is a good gateway for building a small voice lab with OCS?
A:The AudioCodes MP-114 is a great small gateway to help you build and understand voice integration. The MP-114 comes with two FXO ports and two FXS ports, which will enable you to configure internal handsets and integrate to the local PSTN.
Q:When I am configuring certificates, I don’t get the Assign button per the instructions.
A:This can happen. However, if you restart your certificate service and step back through the certification process, you should see the Assign button.
Q:Is there a way to test dialing plans on the server?
A:Yes. You can download and install the OCS Resource Toolkit. You will find an Enterprise Route Helper Toolkit that will help you visualize and test your voice configuration.


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