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Chapter 1: A SharePoint Manifesto - Pg. 1

CHAPTER 1 A SharePoint Manifesto We the users, in order to form a more perfect collaboration, establish function, insure business utility, provide for the common security, promote the general usability, and secure the value of information for ourselves and our coworkers, do ordain and establish this governance plan for the portal of our organization. First, an apology to the memory of Gouverneur Morris, the author of the Preamble to the US Constitution. The paraphrasing above is a modest attempt to make a point about governance. The purpose of the original Preamble was to describe the reason for the rest of the constitution and for the government of the United States as a whole. Governance is the process of creating policies and rules and assigning roles and responsibilities to make a system work properly. Even if your attitude is "Good Government is Less Government," very few of us would want to have no government. In short, governance is the difference between order and chaos. To paraphrase another great American statesman, Abraham Lincoln, effective governance should be "of the users, by the users and for the users." The key to any SharePoint implementation is adoption. If users don't want to use the site, they won't use it any more than is absolutely necessary. To get the full value out of SharePoint, it must be a place that users go to make their lives easier. Good governance can help achieve that goal. Governance OF the Users In this book, we will explore the concept of governance as it applies to a business's use of the SharePoint family of products. We assume the reader is familiar to some degree with the concepts of web sites, collaboration, and portals as they apply to SharePoint. SharePoint provides a platform for creating, storing, and retrieving information. This information is generically referred to as content and it can take many forms such as documents, calendars, lists, and web sites. The features of SharePoint allow users within an organization to collectively or individually create content and publish it for others to use. By making this information quick and easy to find, categorize, and organize, SharePoint can provide a lot of business value. SharePoint is also a very extensive product that contains many features that can cause problems if not used correctly. Establishing a SharePoint Server 2010 environment is reasonably simple, but maintaining it and controlling it in a way that maximizes its benefits to the users and the business is not. SharePoint consists of many interrelated subsystems and services such as Search, Content Management, Record Management, PerformancePoint Services, and so on. SharePoint also serves as a platform for integrating 1