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Chapter 5: User Training and Adoption > What Will You Learn in This Chapter? - Pg. 55

CHAPTER 5 User Training and Adoption This chapter will examine how to get users actively involved in the portal, both as consumers of informa- tion (visitors) and as producers of content (contributors). Having a well-managed portal is only half the battle. The more important task is getting people to use it. Telling users that this new portal is great and will make their lives better is a good way to get their at- tention, but it will not hold it long enough for them to log in the first time. Telling users that "this is the way we do things now, so use it" might work briefly in some organizations, but experience has shown that users have a greater capacity to resist unwelcome change than management has to impose it. What you need to do, and what we will seek to do in this chapter, is to create real motivation and en-