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Best Practices

The following are best practices from this chapter:

  • Spend time performing capacity analysis to save time troubleshooting and firefighting.

  • Use capacity-analysis processes to help weed out the unknowns.

  • Establish systemwide policies and procedures to begin to proactively manage your system.

  • After establishing systemwide policies and procedures, start characterizing system workloads.

  • Use performance metrics and other variables such as workload characterization, vendor requirements or recommendations, industry-recognized benchmarks, and the data that you collect to establish a baseline.

  • Use the benchmark results only as a guideline or starting point.

  • Use the Task Manager or the Resource Monitor in Performance Monitor to quickly view performance.

  • Use the Performance Monitor to capture performance data on a regular basis.

  • Consider using System Center Operations Manager or Microsoft and third-party products to assist with performance monitoring, capacity and data analysis, and reporting.

  • Carefully choose what to monitor so that the information doesn’t become unwieldy.

  • At a minimum, monitor the most common contributors to performance bottlenecks: memory and pagefile usage, processor, disk subsystem, and network subsystem.

  • Identify and monitor server functions and roles along with the common set of resources.

  • When monitoring specific roles like virtual servers or Active Directory Domain Services, include the common performance counters such as memory, CPU, disk, and network as well as counters specific to the role of the server.

  • Examine network-related error counters.


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